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G503 WWII Jeep Alemite Model 6593 Grease Gun

The G503 WWII Jeep Alemite Model 6593 Grease Gun found under the hood of the late model WWII Jeep. This article shows you what to look for.

This article applies to Willys MB WWII Military Jeeps 

1. In late 1943 (Decemberish), production lines were installing support brackets on the hood of jeeps for the purpose of adding a grease gun bracket and grease gun.

2. The grease gun used and stored under the hood is the Alemite Model 6593 hand lever grease gun

3. Here is a closer look. Made by the Stewart Warner Corp. it will have the ALEMITE LEVER GUN at the top, then just under that heading is MODEL 6593, then the mailing address for the corporation

4. Shown here are the markings on the top portion of the grease gun. It appears to be a serial number and two additional markings a "T" and "3"

5. The handle has a warning on how to load the grease lever gun.

6. The proper painting for the grease gun is to have OD on the handle and top, while the rest of the body is natural.

7. When installed it is a nice addition to your late model WWII Jeep
Tip: If you live in a hot/warm climate area, and you install grease in the lever gun, it will melt and drip on your parts on the inside of your engine compartment.

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