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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Brake line and Brake Clip Locations WW2 Restoration

Installing your brake lines are not difficult, but make sure you know where the clips are located.

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

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Brake Lines can be found by many of the G503 vendors, they are pre-formed and are pretty easy to install. In the TM 10-1513 manual, you see the brake diagram as shown here. The Red lines represent the metal lines and the blue lines represent the rubber lines that come with the kit.

2. Start the installation with the front S shaped fitting. Connect the brass fitting into the drum then the rubber hose. Here you see that the original is slightly bigger than the repo, but the repo fits well.

No Thread Tape! Some people like to use threading tape on any pipe connection. No need here, as the brake fluid will eat it up in moments.

3. Continue down the front axle and connect the rubber hose to short metal tubing to the T connector. This will be a pretty tight fit so be careful not to bend the metal piece up. Also, connect the rubber hose to the TOP of the T.

4. Take the longer, formed, front axle piece and connect it to the T and move it around the front axle pumpkin.

5. Connect the line around the axle, to the rubber hose on the passenger side. Then connect the rubber hose to the S connector as you did previously on the driver side

6. Back to the driver side T junction, run the rubber hose over to the metal line and holder that will connect to the master cylinder.

7. Now, take the long line that you will run through the frame to the back crossmember. This take a little time to manipulate, so be patient.

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9. Next, install the long rubber brake tube from this metal line in the crossmember, the the T junction on the rear axle.

10. Install the rear line(s) to each of the two rear wheel cylinders.

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