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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Sand Blasting Acid Dip WW2 Restoration

This Article describes the Sand Blasting or Acid Dipping method to clean your WWII jeep. Applies to 1942,42,1943,43,1944,44,1945 Jeeps models

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Usually, after you aquire a project you decide how you are going to repaint it. In many cases, your jeep may have up to 6 coats of paint on it. There are a number of ways that you have the paint removed. We discuss them below.

2. If you have a small item you want to remove paint you can get a wire wheel on your grinder and this will take the paint off. Using a wire wheel doesn't get all the way down into tough corners though.

3. The next alternative is to buy a small sand blaster at somewhere like Harbor Frieght and try and blast your items yourself. I found that it was extremely messy, sand all over the place, all over you, and the surface area done satisfactory, but not as good as a someone who would specialize it.

4. After blasting the frame myself over a couple weekends, I decided I will send out the remainder of parts, tub, seats, hood, windshield, fenders, etc and have it done.

5. Sandblasting in 2006 in Los Angeles area was $75/hr. The place I went with quoted me $700 for everthing including pickup and delivery

6. Besides having a clean surface, blasting prepares the surface fro primer/painting. Paint will adhere to the surface well. When you get your parts back, blow out all of te nooks and crannies to get all remaining sand.

7. In addition, the clean surface allows you to inspect the metal for weaknesses. It was very easy to spot areas that I needed to replace due to weakness from rust or pitting. The surface is ready for welding as well!

8. Don't rush to paint after you receive your parts back, do a very close inspection of your pieces. Now is the time to fix them, and you will see imperfections while your parts are in this state.

9. ACID DIPPING - Acid dipping/stripping is another alternative to removing paint from your parts. In looking for bids, I found the cost was almost twice that of Sandblasting. Your parts are hoisted into a tub of chemicals and the chemicals will eat away all layers of paint.

10. Reviews on acid dipping were mixed. There were stories of the acid dripping from remote places after people had primed and painted their projects, thus ruining their paint jobs.

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