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G503 WWII 1945 Willys MB Jeep First Aide Kit install

Late model Military World War II first kit install in the G503 Jeep

This article applies to Willys MB WWII Military Jeeps 

1. There are many different types of first aide and casualty kits that were carried on jeeps. Here are the various types that are correct for WWII and would fit perfectly under the dash on your jeep.

It is believed that the first aide kits showed up around May 1944 on the ACM II bodies.

2. The first aide kit bracket has caged #10 nuts in each of its four corners for an easy installation. All you need is a screw driver and 4 #10 x5/8 screws.

3. Locate the four pre-drilled holes on your dash under the emergency brake handle. Your bracket will be installed on the backside of these holes.

4. Take your bracket and place it on the back side of your dash. You will need to move your wiring harnes out of the way. Line up the holes on your bracket to the holes in your dash

5. Take your #10 screws and start lining up the bracket to the screws. Hand screw all four screws in before tightening.

Note: Original brackets line up perfectly, repo are slightly off, so it may take a little time lining all four screws up with a repo bracket.

6. Once all four screws are in, then tighten up with a screw driver.

7. Once the bracket is in, and tightened, take a look at your wiring and make sure you don't have any tie-ups.

8. Lastly, install your first aide kit under the dash in the bracket and clip the bottom snuggly. This should fit well.

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