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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Correct Tire Pumps WW2 Restoration

This article shows the correct G503 WWII Jeep tire pump with markings

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. In WWII there were hundreds of thousands of Tire pumps produced and used throughout the war effort, not just for vehicles, or in particular jeeps. Lets review the time line on when tire pumps were introduced to jeeps.

2. Lets first look at the Tire Pump introduction to MB's. The first tire pumps were added to the bottom of the rear seat of MB's about May of 1942 and were the QMC grey color pumps. According to Nabholtz, the QMC pumps were continued on MB's until Sept 1942. These QMC pumps did not include the Air Chuck as part of the Parts list. Part is listed as WO-A7511.

Note the position of the valve on the QMC pump is at 5 o'clock.

3. These QMC pump pictures, sent from Robert Lukes ,shows the QMC tire pump having the knurled top of the tube.

4. On the bottom of the QMC foot pedal you should see the stamp 305592.

5. Nabholtz notes the change from QMC to ORD pump in Sept 1942. Here is a list of the possible pumps available with the ORD stamping.

ORD - 305602 (OD color)
ORD - 305602 (Forest Green color USMC?)
ORD - 305682 (OD)

ORD - (OD color)

Circle N Stamped
ORD - (OD color)

6. There are a couple of distinguishing features between pumps. Starting at the top of the tube. The type of cap is different among the manufactures.

Walker - knurled type
Dalton - Hex type

Circle N - Ribbed type

7. At the base of the pump there are some differences in where the valve has been positioned. Each manufacturer decided on placing the valve at a different position.

8. The bottom foot pedals of the pumps are different as well.

9. Lastly, the air chuck nozzle, listed under part number WO-A-7511 or FM-GPW-17052 wasn't added until the early 1943 parts lists. Therefore, prior to that time, this air chuck would not be included on the air pump on the jeep.

10. The pump will fit snugly under the rear seat with the clamp on the handle, and the air chuck nozzle fitting through the lower bracket.

Longer Pump? There are some who believe that when the Cross Country Kit was produced (late 44), that the pumps got longer to help fill the larger fitted tire on the jeep. If we stand the QMC,Walker,Dalton and Circle N all together... they all seem to be the same height at around 20 1/4 inches. No documentation has surfaced on the longer pump.

11. For additional details on Tire Pumps and checking documentation read this note by Jim Gilmore Click Here

Hopefully with your restore, you won't have to use your WWII tire pump like this soldier.
Which pump is he using? Because his jeep is a Ford (notice safety latch on dash), and the pump having a knurled top, it is probably a Walker pump.

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